2:22 – A Ghost Story at Ahmanson Theatre

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Ahmanson Theatre | Los Angeles, California

2:22 – A Ghost Story is back on the road for 2022 and it's time you saw the real thing…LIVE! Wednesday 2nd November 2022, the critically acclaimed production 2:22 – A Ghost Story will be causing a theatrical stir at the awe-inspiring Ahmanson Theatre, California, Los Angeles, the perfect theatre house for box office smashers like this one! Audiences have mentioned this is THE best tour yet, and one of the most talked about shows this fall. You'll certainly be singing your heart out for the duration of this extravaganza, its suitable for all ages so it'll be a memory maker for the whole family! If you haven't already then don't waste another second! Click 'get tickets' to secure yours today!

2:22 - A Ghost Story at Ahmanson Theatre

Famous and well-known theater house, the Ahmanson Theatre has recently been named as one of the top in the country according to several lists and surveys. But fans of musical theater aren’t surprised by the news, because they already know the epic experiences that can only be felt at this well-known venue in Los Angeles California. Not only does the Ahmanson Theatre have a history of booking epic and top performances and talent like 2:22 – A Ghost Story for their stage, but they also win five-stars in customer satisfaction by offering everything you need for a memorable evening of fun. Several of the city’s best restaurants and bars are also on the same street as the Ahmanson Theatre making it easy to plan a before or after-show dinner. That doesn’t even begin to describe the friendly and courteous staff who will greet you once you make it to the Ahmanson Theatre itself. With all these epic perks and benefits, how can you go wrong? To make sure you can visit the Ahmanson Theatre to see 2:22 – A Ghost Story on Wednesday 2nd November 2022, click the Buy Tickets button below and get your tickets today.

2:22 - A Ghost Story at Ahmanson Theatre

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