Ahmanson Theatre Seating Chart

Ahmanson Theatre has a range of seating options to suit everyone, at a variety of prices. This 2,000 capacity venue has seating on three levels (Orchestra, Mezzanine and Balcony) and each level is separated into two sections (Front and Rear), as well as providing seating boxes on the Mezzanine and Balcony levels.

Ahmanson Theatre Seating Chart

Ahmason Theatre’s larger size allows it to cater for all the bigger Broadway productions, and provides guests with an electric atmosphere. Carefully designed with theatregoers in mind, this larger theatre has phenomenal view of the stage wherever you choose to sit, from the side balcony seats to the lower level orchestra seats.

With its capacity of over 2,000, the Ahmanson Theater is an excellent setting for the larger Broadway productions. Seats surround the stage, creating a lively and intimate atmosphere within the auditorium.

There are three levels of seating on offer at the Ahmanson Theatre:

The orchestra section

The orchestra section, on the ground level, provides the closest possible view of the action. Central seats a few rows back from the stage are particularly highly coveted. At some shows, the front two rows (orchestra pit) may be offered for premium, standard, or accessible seating.

The mezzanine level

The mezzanine level is above the orchestra, with magnificent views from its raised position. As with the orchestra section, front and central rows are always popular, although any area allows for good views and sound.

The balcony

The top level — the balcony — is the furthest from the stage, although it still gives a fantastic view of the production.

VIP Boxes

Box seats are available for some shows, giving a more premium experience.

Due to its popularity, events at the Ahmanson Theatre sell quickly. Please purchase your tickets now to avoid disappointment.

Accessible seating

The CTGLA group’s ACCESS program is aimed at providing an inclusive and accessible production for all fans. As such, there are a range of services on offer, including:

  • Full wheelchair access around the venue
  • Accessible restrooms on all levels
  • A range of mobility, vision, and hearing aids, on request.

You can find accessible seating in row N in the orchestra section, balcony level boxes, and the mezzanine level row M and boxes.

For guests with mobility issues, or who are physically disabled, the Ahmanson Theatre has wheelchair seating available in row N of the orchestra section, the sides of row M and the box seats C of the mezzanine section and box D in the balcony, just make sure to mention that accessible seating is required when you book.