2:22 – A Ghost Story at Ahmanson Theatre

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Ahmanson Theatre | Los Angeles, California

Every once in a while, a really smashing performance attracts the attention of the public. 2:22 – A Ghost Story is one such musical. You categorically cannot afford to miss this smashing line up of the top actors contributing to this truly smashing show. Purchase your tickets for this 2:22 – A Ghost Story at the Ahmanson Theatre on the Saturday 5th November 2022 and be in a place to say “I was there”. Your seats are waiting for you – but not for much longer. So, hurry while supply last and book yours before they sell out. You will not be disappointed or sorry you attended this show.

2:22 - A Ghost Story at Ahmanson Theatre

There are many shows which will grab your kids attention and make them want to go back to the theatre time after time. Plus, with special initiatives, treating your little ones to an experience of a lifetime is affordable for the whole family! So if you want to open your mind and see a breathtaking show in the mean time, and at an affordable price, come and see the show everyone’s been talking about, the 2:22 – A Ghost Story at the iconic Ahmanson Theatre in California on Saturday 5th November 2022!

2:22 - A Ghost Story at Ahmanson Theatre

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