2:22 – A Ghost Story at Ahmanson Theatre

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Ahmanson Theatre | Los Angeles, California

Book your 2:22 – A Ghost Story tickets today, the wait is finally over and they’re selling out fast! The highest profile musical of 2022 it’s seems to be all critics can talk about this fall! A star studded cast and some pretty intense effects, it’s said to be one of the finest tours yet! November is set to be a big month! Playing the Ahmanson Theatre of California, Los Angeles, you’ll be in the perfect area to continue the singing & dancing in style! Click ‘get tickets’ now because you’ll regret it when they’re all sold out, this is set to be a box office smash!

2:22 - A Ghost Story at Ahmanson Theatre

The sterling production of the theatre musical 2:22 – A Ghost Story has made waves in many parts of the world. Its ageless and universal appeal has delighted audiences from a cross-section of generations. Well, thank your lucky stars! This critically-acclaimed show is now headed to this side of town. Theatre lovers here at Los Angeles, California can catch the much-awaited run of 2:22 – A Ghost Story on Tuesday 22nd November 2022 at the Ahmanson Theatre. The superb and dynamic cast, the powerful story, the remarkable production set, all come together in this magnificent show and will resonate in your senses even after its final scenes. Book your tickets now!

2:22 - A Ghost Story at Ahmanson Theatre

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