2:22 – A Ghost Story at Ahmanson Theatre

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Ahmanson Theatre | Los Angeles, California

Theres no sweeter feeling that the one you get as you arrive at a musical, it’s comfy, warm, you have refreshments on your lap and your best-loved show is about to commence, life is good. Well Friday 11th November 2022 thats exactly what you’ll be doing. Back for 2022, 2:22 – A Ghost Story will be bringing the house down at the epic Ahmanson Theatre in California, Los Angeles for the unrivaled night you’ll have this fall. Spend your hard earned cash on something worth while – you cannot put a price on memories they say! Suitable for the whole family, this musical with have you singing, dancing and howling with laughter! Click ‘get tickets’ now….this iconic show is always known to sell out fast!

2:22 - A Ghost Story at Ahmanson Theatre

Ladies and gentlemen of America, on Friday 11th November 2022 the lively and sensational 2:22 – A Ghost Story, is showing right here at Ahmanson Theatre, it’s the best thing since sliced bread, the music is invigorating, and the lyrics are so surprising. With events in Los Angeles always being so popular you should definitely purchase these tickets right now! Los Angeles is absolutely crowded with entertainment only a short trip from Ahmanson Theatre so you can make an entire night of fun suitable for everyone. 2:22 – A Ghost Story is one of the hottest tickets on sale right now, with lots of already sell-out dates at Ahmanson Theatre, there are people traveling from all over California to come and see it! Buy your tickets for Friday 11th November 2022 right now to avoid the disappointment, audiences have cited 2:22 – A Ghost Story as one of the top performances ever and critics have heaped on the acclaim too, so bring your friends and share the experience of one of the most anticipated musicals of 2022, you will all be talking about it for months to come.

2:22 - A Ghost Story at Ahmanson Theatre

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