1776 – The Musical at Ahmanson Theatre

1776 - The Musical Tickets

Ahmanson Theatre | Los Angeles, California

Why is 1776 the play so good? Well, for one thing audiences have been captivated by it since its debut. It has also won a Tony Award for Best Musical and the critics love it. The lighting and performers will leave you in a state of awe for the entire show, but tickets will not last long as fans will head speedily towards the ticket office so you better be quick or else you will lose out. Purchase your tickets right now. It will be live at Ahmanson Theatre on Sunday 7th May 2023.

1776 - The Musical at Ahmanson Theatre

As the plot line of the theater show, 1776 unfolds, a dozen men are trying to figure out how they can break away from Great Britain. What will it take for these focused, driven people to set their differences in politics aside and locate a common ground?? The stakes are quite high as they are tinkering with the future of a country.

This Tony Award-winning musical is appropriate for audience members over the age of thirteen. It also has hit songs like, "Overture," "Sit Down," "John," "Piddle," "Twiddle," "Resolve/Till Then," and the "Lees of Old Virginia."

The critics have called “1776 is indestructible, with a smart, funny, and deceptively simple score (Edwards), and an ironclad script (Stone) that manages to do the impossible” – The Art Mania and “1776 gets a lively gender-swapped revival on Broadway” – ew.com

The impressive visual techniques and the top-tier actors wearing the most extravagant costumes have drawn spectators to the theater show, 1776. Even for something this fantastic, tickets won't be available for long, but you can ensure your seat by getting them right now.

1776 - The Musical at Ahmanson Theatre

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