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Ahmanson Theatre | Los Angeles, California


Welcome to HADESTOWN, where a song can change your fate. Come, on a frightening journey to the very center of the underworld with Ahmanson Theatre in the city of Los Angeles showing, on the Wednesday 4th October 2023, Hadestown! Where the lord of hell, King Hades lives, together with his troubled wife the Queen of Summer herself, Persephone. Together they control the last living space left in all the universe, The Factory. Come with us, as Orpheus goes down into the underworld to rescue his missing love Eurydice… be guarded young wanderer, for Hades is not familiar with giving up those souls that which have been accorded to him.

Theres nothing quite like going to see a well executed musical, and we have just the thing, Hadestown, now back on stage for fall, 2023 and fans of the production are rushing to secure tickets to this exciting evening in October! The critically acclaimed musical is already said to have an edge over previous years and critics are all for it! This the production filled with accomplished actors will brilliantly be held at the unsurpassed Ahmanson Theatre, California, Los Angeles, a more than outstanding theatre and the unrivaled around for such a high profile production. Ahmanson Theatre is in the centre of town and has some top notch facilities, tasty food vendors and easy parking, as well as warm and welcoming staff! There is no reason you cant be there too, suitable for everyone. Put Wednesday 4th October 2023 in the diary and buy your tickets right away, from the link above, easily click the button when you scroll up!

Hadestown at Ahmanson Theatre

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